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  • robMarch 22, 2017Reply

    wheres the full movie

  • LaDiva_8301March 23, 2017Reply

    Ummm…what is happening with the site?

  • DavidMarch 25, 2017Reply

    No longer able to access movies new version has some bugs to fix

  • noelleMarch 27, 2017Reply

    old site back pleaseeeeee

  • DiamondApril 14, 2017Reply

    I love this movie cause its like a lesson learnd cause us black ppl wont go traveling around taking ppls boady parts and ion know any black female/male anywhere who would traveling around with a white person far from home hell now not today not meee?????????? ?

    • TaniciaMay 10, 2017Reply

      Great job.

    • princess..1May 18, 2017Reply

      that’s racist ummmm…. ever heard of mixed raced coupled the travel and you cant even spell like wtw –

    • VinMay 20, 2017Reply

      Hey, I’m an Asian. I also feel like you with black people.
      Please respect each other what is doesn’t care about skin color.

  • Beautyful_bluMay 8, 2017Reply

    Sockshare and putlocker work

  • Dajahnique StokesMay 22, 2017Reply

    I love it

  • ChromeYOKOHAMAHMay 23, 2017Reply

    So she had to get the blackest dude she could find…..start lighter then wrk your way to chocolate…..i didnt like that girl frm the start and i a solutely love white woman…..but the kicker is the fact that i knew all along she was that kind of white girl frm the scene with her eating froot loops at the end…..she was faking frm tbe start….you know those white people that smile at you with that dumb ass fake ass partial grinn like hey now fuck off…fake ass mfers

  • chioma ugwuMay 25, 2017Reply

    Is something wrong with the site I can’t see anything

  • KateMay 28, 2017Reply

    Really good film. Not sure about some of the comments though. There are many black and white couples who love each other, my dad who was white spent 35 years until he died in a loving relationship with a Jamaican woman. This film had me on the edge of my chair!

  • KunDMay 29, 2017Reply

    The cinematic style is similar to that of J-horror. I bet the director got some inspiration from the Japanese. Western horror movies are usually not as good as Japanese ones

  • Mikey AguilarMay 29, 2017Reply

    That was fantastic actually Idk why all these comments r saying it was bad it was perfect for me and the resolution was like 1020it was really good!

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