Best Hulu TV Shows


It is impossible to keep track of all the TV shows and movies filming on multitude platforms at the same time which is why we always try to keep up with the good stuff. There are many on-going series on Hulu, but the best ones are listed below;

The Grinder

The series focuses on a famous TV actor, Dean Sanderson, who plays the role of a lawyer in his acclaimed TV series until it is canceled and he is forced to move back to his hometown and work in his family’s real-life law firm alongside his brother, Stewart. Even though both the brothers don’t see eye to eye, they end up forming a daunting team in the courtroom.

In the flesh

The series centers on a teenage zombie Kieren Walker, who returns home after his death in 2009. He belongs to a zombie group that is diagnosed with Partially Deceased Syndrome. The series shows how he struggles to confront the community that rejected him for years even though the government passed an order of acceptance and tolerance.

Don’t Trust the B– in Apt 23

June, a girl whose dream of finding the perfect job and the apartment in the big city is ruined when the company she is about to work for goes into a bust. Her life is turned around, and she is forced to work in a coffee shop and live with a roommate Chloe who tries to take advantage of her.

The bold type

The series moves around three young women who are trying to find their place in the renowned magazine Scarlet. They are the kind of friends that everyone desires for. They always have each other’s back and encourage each other to succeed in life. The series explores the modern fashion and how we can accomplish things together.

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